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Find Your Interior Style..

We are constantly bombarded with ‘reality’ TV that insists renovating and styling ones home to perfection is akin to getting a half leg wax... Not that painful and lasts about 6 weeks.

If you are renovating or decorating your home for yourself, that is to say you are not a contestant on the block or planning to sell your property within 6 months, determining your personal style is the first hurdle to creating a space you will love.

I find most of my clients fall into two groups. 1. No Idea or 2. Far too many ideas.

I can relate, I most defiantly fall into the later group. One minute a dark sleek masculine look sweeps me away. Next I’m in love with rooms filled with white furniture, trellis wallpaper and hurricane lamps. Admittedly I can channel this diversity through my work but if you’re not lucky enough to have eight renovation projects going at once how do you nail your personal style?

Six easy steps:

1. Get Pinning – Find images you love on apps like Pinterest & Instagram or get nostalgic by going analog with a bunch of interior magazines. Edit Edit Edit – Once you have amassed 50+ images edit them down to 30, than 15 etc… until you see a style emerge.

2. Local Inspiration – check out, or even better buy, some amazing artwork at a local gallery. Art is a great way to unlock your subconscious. Take note of what you are emotionally drawn to, is it the colours or the context of the work. Mmmm… deep.

3. It’s right in front of you – You just can’t see it under that pile of ironing.

Look around your home and choose the three things that would break your heart to part with (exclude family members including your adorable Boxer puppy) If your items are a Floss lamp, black & white photo of David Bowie and a brass side table your look is most likely Mid-Century Modern and you should contact me immediately!

4. Outfit to fit out - Check out your wardrobe for the outfits you LOVE wearing and feel most confident in. note* I didn’t say ‘wear most often’ so put down those coffee stained Peter Alexander PJs. It stands to reason if you love to wear it in public you will love to live in it too.

Above all try to avoid media trends. Soft colours, white walls, and grey furniture might look amazing on Instagram but can be a bit one dimensional in real life… Be a little bold and include some interesting textures or maybe a hot hue or two.

If all else fails, give us a call... We'd love to help you discover your perfect interior style.

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