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Dress Your Naked House in Style

I firmly believe good design should be available to everyone, that's why I started offering our On-line Design packages. Sitting neatly between a full custom design service and going it totally alone our E-design packages provide for the essential services such as space planning and wall colour selection while delivering value for money across furniture and decor form big name suppliers.

How it works

Simply select your design package, complete our project questionnaire and we will take care of the rest.

Save time, money, and avoid expensive decorating mistakes by choosing one of our E-design packages.

Each package includes:

  • Concept board

  • Room layouts

  • Product specification in-line with your budget

  • 1 hour phone or email design support

  • Co-ordination of purchasing across suppliers

  • Trade discounts where applicable

Installation and styling is available within the Sydney metro area.

The suppliers we work with include Freedom, Sokol, Oz Design and Lounge lovers just to name a few.

Choosing products from established suppliers ensures product quality as well as after market customer service and warranty. There would be nothing worse than getting a great deal on-line and then not being able to make a warranty claim if something went wrong down the track.

What's Included

Our packages include 1 hour email or phone design support which covers things like spacial planning, suitability of finishes, wall colour etc... Plus all the essentials like a comfy sofa, arm chair, media unit, coffee table and a few extra decorator items like rugs, art work, lamps and cushions. Our packages are also flexible and we can adjust the items according to your needs, for example if you already have a great sofa we can suggest a package that will work with the existing style and colour ensuring a resolved scheme.

Below is an example of our Copenhagen Package

DIY Purchase

If you prefer to purchase and pick up items yourself you can opt for our shopping list service. For a small fee we can provide a full shopping list of items with links to suppliers and RRP.

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