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About Me...

One of my earliest memories was arranging my matchbox cars and Lego into what I thought were visually pleasing vignettes on the windowsill of my bedroom. At age 5 I already knew what I loved but I would be almost 30 before committing to my new career.

Hi, my name is Niki and I’m the founder of Studio Lane.

About 11 years ago I put plans in motion to leave my corporate career and pursue my passion for design and construction.

It’s not easy to leave a financially rewarding career; I had a great job as state manager for a large pharmaceutical company, I liked my staff and I’m pretty sure they liked me but something was missing…. Passion, Drive, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, call it what you like, I didn’t have it.

I knew my passion was design and construction, not just because of my afore mentioned love of lego or my ever growing house magazine collection (3000 and counting) but because I was already doing it at every opportunity. I’d renovated our first home, built custom joinery, tiled, paved and painted every surface.

I decided to save every penny I could for the next 12 months while studying design part time at night. In 2008 with the support of my champion husband I was able to quit my job to study construction management full time. If I wasn't studying I was putting my new skills to work designing and project managing the extension and renovation of our second home.

After graduating in 2011 I launched Studio Lane with a collective of design and construction professionals including builders, drafts people, engineers and trades to deliver projects under one umbrella. A one stop shop for busy people looking to build or renovate.

Since then I have managed the design and construction of countless kitchens, bathrooms and fast-food outlets. I’ve been lucky enough to work on five star hotels and even help demolish an aluminum smelter. Of course running a small business is hard work with long hours but it has been worth the effort and I still don't have any problems getting out of bed in the morning.... even at 5am!

Thanks for reading a little about me, I’d now love to learn more about you and how we can help you achieve the home of your dreams…



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